Camp de Mar Phase II: A5


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In the A5 house, the retaining walls, solved with Mallorcan dry stone, delimit a semi-buried basement that is presented as a massive base, which includes the necessary equipment from a functional point of view.

This plant supports the upper ones with a light appearance, defined with white lines, as opposed to the lower floor, houses the living rooms always linked to the exterior and the environment in which they are located.

Upstairs the day area is developed, and on the ground floor, the different bedrooms, an outdoor living area of double height and a patio that pierces the land until its connection with the basement.

An intermediate tray peeked into the sea causes the tension of its spatiality, extending the interior space outwards, towards the sea… where double height plays a leading role. To do this, the house, through carpentry that folds up.



-Interior Design: Archirevolution

Location: Andratx,Mallorca (Spain)

Developer: E5 Living Europe

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