Camp de Mar Phase II: A6


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The starting concept of the A6 house, its essence and foundation, is the curve.

In a light and winding way, as if it were a contour of the land itself, it folds and rises to give rise to the architecture it forms: an elongated house that closes to the ground to open itself completely to the landscape, to the sea.

The swimming pool poses on the ground, being located on the top floor, where all the linked day stays are located. The next level contains all the bedrooms with their own terrace, from where the sea is perceived and the senses dilate.

The lower level of access is camouflaged on the ground, almost imperceptible, but with an extract from the outside that is obtained through the curved courtyard.
The Mallorcan dry stone is juxtaposed with the continuous, pure and unifying material of the piece.

This house is presented as a hug to the sea… And in this sense, the place completes it.



-Interior Design: Archirevolution

Location: Andratx,Mallorca (Spain)

Developer: E5 Living Europe

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