Villa Anguli


A sleek glass façade runs along the entire width of Villa Anguli with a distinctive oblique projected angle at one end that extends out to maximise the spectacular sea views from all corners. The exterior geometric shape is enhanced by an original roof design comprising of wide slats that not only deflect sunlight off the façade in the summer months, but also throw identical shaped shadows on the floors creating a decking effect. Standing here you feel part of the sea.

Space and light flow seamlessly between interior and exterior areas that are both beautiful and practical for the island’s climate. The vast Master Bedroom extends over the entire upper level with a tropical jungle-style, “open-air” shower area, a bathroom and walk-out terrace with spectacular vistas over the coastline and the sparkling sea below.

The envelope that defines the house, folds, turning and transforming to generate a volume that guarantees the viewa at the sea from all rooms. The place and the need to turn to the sea, determine the unique exterior aspect presented by this house

Terraces are generated, in different planes, that take on prominence according to their location and surface. The pool arises on a lower level, as a platform that is incorporated into the house, one more outdoor space, which introduces the sea into the interior of the house.

The topography and the location of the road, condition the access to the house, which is done from the upper floor to the lower ones. Inside, a volume with double height in the living areas of the house give it a unique character, which relates the different floors.


-Photography: Arturo Sanchez Photograpy/Terraza Balear

-Interior Design: Terraza Balear

Location: Andratx,Mallorca (Spain)

Developer: E5 Living Europe

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