Villa Statera


The house is located on a plot, steep slope, which is drilled to house platforms that are projected towards the sea. Land containment is solved by walls of dry Mallorcan stone.
The privileged enclave in which it is located, conditions the project to make the presence of the sea in all rooms one of the arguments that defines the house. Therefore, the traditional sequence of rooms is reversed, leaving the daytime uses on the top floor, where the pool is located defining the horizon in the sea.

The platforms modify their perimeter, generating different surfaces and exterior shapes, which manage, depending on their position, different relationships with the sea, approaching the horizon, introducing it into the house, and moving away from the views of the access street.

Among the trays are glass enclosures, which compartmentalify the different plants, managing to dissolve the boundaries with the outside and emphasize the projected flights.


-Photography: Arturo Sanchez Photograpy/Terraza Balear

-Interior Design: Terraza Balear

Location: Andratx,Mallorca (Spain)

Developer: E5 Living Europe

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