Camp de Mar Phase II: A1


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The “gravity challenge” of its facade gives it a great character and personality, making it unique in relation to its surroundings.

The A1 house is understood as the inclination, the tipping, towards all the infinite that represents the sea. In it, through the expansion of the thicknesses of its enclosures and slabs, and the spaces that remain between them, the void and the full are, are composed, giving rise to a balanced unity.

An upper floor starring the night area, and a ground floor where the entire day area is located, with castillete and semi-buried basement, speak of a materiality that combines different materials in the three existing planes: vertical, horizontal, and oblique. The pool, located in this case on another platform, is more related to the plot itself, the land and its vegetation.



-Interior Design: Archirevolution

Location: Andratx,Mallorca (Spain)

Developer: E5 Living Europe

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